Should we say goodbye to IE7

A few years ago web designers and web design companies said goodbye to IE6 as they were going to stop developing websites that were able to run in the web browser Internet Explorer 6, but is it time for web designers to say goodbye to IE7. IE7 was not so much a pain to develop for as IE6 but it is now holding website designs back because of its low functionality to the new website standards that are now being produced with HTML5 and CSS3. IE7 is not able to run these new standards which mean that companies need to spend more time and money creating a work around for the website that they are designing.

When can we stop developing for IE7

If you check the global stat counter you will see that users for IE7 are starting to drop off quite rapidly and it is even falling more quickly than IE6 did. With less than 5% of the global web using IE7 and most of the users coming from china, for the UK market at least we can look at dropping the development of website to run on IE7. When the never evolution IE10 gets its full release when Windows 8 is launched we will start to see IE7 fall quicker as people upgrade their computers to the new software.

Well some companies have already stopped developing for IE7 such as an Australian company called Kogan who have now placed an IE7 tax of 6.8% on their website for every user that wants to buy a product from them using IE7, but what they also do is offer a range of more modern browsers that the user can use to buy a product form themselves without being taxed.


There is now a good growing case to drop IE7 as a browser and not worry about how your website looks or functions for the small number of users that still use the old browsers and it will allow us as web designers to create more user-friendly and interesting websites for our customers and their customers, without the fear of how it will look in an old browser that has been out of date for years.

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Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce web design is about getting the perfect online store for your company that will give your users a memorable online experience so that they want to return and use your ecommerce web design more than once. This is what everyone wants for there website not just an online store, but it is more important for an internet shop to keep the users wanting to return as a returning user will be looking to buy your product or services.

An Engaging Ecommerce Web Design

To create an engaging ecommerce web design you will need to research your potential clients and really know what they are looking for and provide them with the products and services that they are looking for. Making sure that your ecommerce web design is also very easy to navigate, get around and find what they are looking for. It is also very important to offer great customer service as this is the last thing that a customer will remember about your company and if you deliver the product that makes them remember your company in a positive way then there is a higher chance that they will return to your store.

Our Ecommerce Web Design Services

We offer more than just Ecommerce Web Design. If you are looking to find out more about one of our main services then please view the list below:

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Company Branding

Company branding is the way that a corporation creates its identity and image that it going to show off to the world. It is important for the company branding to be just right so that the correct image is portrayed to your clients as the wrong image will mean that a potential client wont get the correct idea of your company and may things that you don’t offer the services that they are looking for or may think that your company branding is very negative and do not wish to be associated with you or your services. This is why it is very important to create the right image for your company branding.

Company Branding Gone Wrong

The Gap a couple of years ago tried to change there brand image with a new logo and funky new style to try and be more down with the kids. The new logo was taken as boring and the branding ideas really did not with the image that they had and was not very well received and they quickly went back to their old branding which worked for them.

Company Branding Other Services

Here at Ikon Digital we can do more for you than just company branding. Here is a range of other services that might intrest you:

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Web Design Glasgow

Web Design Glasgow is a top search term for all Glasgow based website design and development companies and also digital marketing companies that provide design services. I wanted to create this blog post to try and find out how important content is now for search engines and to see how well this post will rank for the search term web design Glasgow without getting any backlinks passed to it both on and off site backlinks.

Our Web Design Glasgow Services

If you are looking to find out more about one of our main services then please view the list below:

Web Design Glasgow Google Listing

It is important for every company to be well positioned within google especially in the UK as it is the most used search engine so if you can get your website onto page on either organically or by pay per click it is important to get your website seen. It is as simple as if people cannot find your website then the potential users wont visit your website.

It is important for a web company to have an idea of the importance that content still plays with search engines and how content will position your website within search results. This is why I am testing web design Glasgow and it will also allow us to apply this same technique to clients once we know how important content is and if we need to do any link building to help a website to perform better for a search term.

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MacGregor and MacDuff

MacGregor and MacDuff are a kilt company with stores in Glasgow and Ayrshire, Scotland. They have been established since 1979 with a great tradition of kilt making and customer service the company has risen to the top of their game.


MacGregor and MacDuff approached Ikon Digital to produce a new Ecommerce website that would allow there clients to do more online and also make it easier for clients to buy products online.


The Ikon Digital team analysed what was needed and built an ecommerce website that was able to handle off the functionality needed for the company and also could handle all the large list of different tartan styles and be easy for the user to browse each tartan. We also helped plan there SEO for the next year so that the website would be found in organic searches as well as pay per click.

The development tools that were used to ceate the website were html, css, php and an ecommerce content management system.


Website was launched in 2011


MacGregor and MacDuff – Kilts

Ikon Digital – Ecommerce Web Design

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Central Pet Cremations

Central Pet Cremations is a pet cremation company based in Falkirk, Scotland. They are looking to provide there service to a wide area of Scotland from Glasgow to Edinburgh.


Central Pet Cremations approached Ikon Digital to deliver a full content managed website that would be easy to update and they were also looking for a website that would perform well in searches.


The Ikon Digital team planned and designed the website, business cards and flyers to help Central Pet Cremations promote there business in all different aspects of online and offline.

The development tools used were HTML, CSS and a CMS system.


Launched in 2011 it took a few months before the website was found on the search engines, but so far the website is currently on page one for all of the results that the company were looking for.


Central Pet Cremations – Pet Cremation Scotland

Ikon Digital – Web Design

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Weather in Glasgow, Scotland

Find out the latest weather forecast in Glasgow, Scotland.

Here in Glasgow & Scotland we all like to have a little moan about the weather. Lets hope that the great scottish weather is smiling upon us and we have some good weather news in glasgow.

Weather in Glasgow on Wikipedia

What Wikipedia says about the Glasgow Weather Climate: “Winters are normally chilly, damp, and overcast, with a January mean of 4.0 °C (39.2 °F), though lows sometimes fall below freezing. Clear or dry days are rare. Snow occurs but rarely lies in the city centre. The spring months (March to May) are generally mild. Many of Glasgow’s trees and plants begin to flower at this time of the year and parks and gardens are filled with spring colours. The summer months (June to September) can vary considerably between mild and wet weather or warm and sunny. The warmest month is usually July, with average highs near 20 °C (68 °F). Autumns are cool to mild, with increasing dampness. Extremes range from -20 to 31.2 °C (-4 to 88 °F), the latter occurring 4 August 1975.”

Weather in Glasgow from the BBC Weather forecast

Please see below a 3 day Glasgow weather forecast from the BBC website for the weather in Glasgow.

If the Weather in Glasgow forecasts are not kind to you then we hope that the weather in glasgow will be much better for you another day.

Enjoyed finding about the Glasgow weather forecast from our website please have a look at the rest of our website. Ikon Digital – Ecommerce Web Design

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E-business Management and Ecommerce Management

What is E-business Management?

E-business Management is basically the management of your ecommerce store and everything around it such as your stock control, warehousing the stock for you, sending out the stock, updating your ecommerce web design, traffic management and anything else that may need to be done.

Managing your E-business store is important, without proper e-business management you may feel that your e-business is just running out of control or going round in circles with no real great progress.

Warehousing & Stock Management for Your E-business

You need a safe secure place to warehouse your stock. We have the ability to warehouse and manage your stock for you so that you will know how much stock is still in the warehouse and how much we have sold with our in-depth stock reports. With our stock management we will take all of the images of the new stock and upload the images and copy that is written by our professional copywriters.

To find out more about what we can do for your ebusiness or ecommerce store with our e-business management please get in touch by email:

Ikon Digital – Ecommerce Web Design

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Cattle Services (Ayr)

Cattle Services (Ayr) Ltd are the marketing arm of the Ayrshire Cattle Society. With more than 40 years of service to the dairy industry, they are the leading organisation in the UK for the supply of Ayrshire semen, committed to sourcing the best genetics from within the UK and around the world.


Cattle Services approached Ikon Digital to produce a fully featured website that provides easy access to large amounts of information on the various bulls including their ancestry and production figures.


The Ikon Digital team carefully analysed the objectives of the website and planned a detailed strategy to make the information classified, useable and easily accessible, whilst simultaneousy being easily updateeable. The end result is a combination of thorough planning and data management that easily allows Cattle Services to create additional entries within the website that are automatically listed in the correct categories.

The development tools that were used to ceate the website were html, css and our content management system.


Launched in June 2010 the new website has enjoyed an ever growing number of visitor hits and has received good feedback both from visitors and Cattle Services themselves.


Cattle Services (Ayr) – Cattle Services

Ikon Digital – Web Design

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Ayrshires Cattle Society

Ayrshires Cattle Society is a forward thinking, highly motivated breed society dedicated to keeping the Ayrshire at the forefront of modern dairying.

It is responsible for all ancestory recording in its Herd Book, with a state of the art computer program able to retrieve store and process records for over 250,000 animals.


Ayrshires Cattle Society approached Ikon Digital to produce a modern, easy to use and maintainable website. The Ikon Digital Design and Development team guided Ayrshire Cattle Society through the process and what is possible with our content management system.


The Ikon Digital team came up with concepts for the new website to bring fresh new ideas and design work to realise a stylish and modern design.

The development tools that were used to ceate the website were html, css and our content management system.


Launched in May 2010 the new website has seen a lot of interest from Ayrshire farmers and the animal husbandry community all around the world. Ikon Digital continue to work closely with Ayrshires Cattle Society in advisory and consulting capacities to help keep the website fresh and up to date.


Ayrshires Cattle Society – Ayrshire Cattle

Ikon Digital – Web Design

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