Should we say goodbye to IE7

A few years ago web designers and web design companies said goodbye to IE6 as they were going to stop developing websites that were able to run in the web browser Internet Explorer 6, but is it time for web designers to say goodbye to IE7. IE7 was not so much a pain to develop for as IE6 but it is now holding website designs back because of its low functionality to the new website standards that are now being produced with HTML5 and CSS3. IE7 is not able to run these new standards which mean that companies need to spend more time and money creating a work around for the website that they are designing.

When can we stop developing for IE7

If you check the global stat counter you will see that users for IE7 are starting to drop off quite rapidly and it is even falling more quickly than IE6 did. With less than 5% of the global web using IE7 and most of the users coming from china, for the UK market at least we can look at dropping the development of website to run on IE7. When the never evolution IE10 gets its full release when Windows 8 is launched we will start to see IE7 fall quicker as people upgrade their computers to the new software.

Well some companies have already stopped developing for IE7 such as an Australian company called Kogan who have now placed an IE7 tax of 6.8% on their website for every user that wants to buy a product from them using IE7, but what they also do is offer a range of more modern browsers that the user can use to buy a product form themselves without being taxed.


There is now a good growing case to drop IE7 as a browser and not worry about how your website looks or functions for the small number of users that still use the old browsers and it will allow us as web designers to create more user-friendly and interesting websites for our customers and their customers, without the fear of how it will look in an old browser that has been out of date for years.

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