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Company Branding That Creates Your Identity

Do you need a stronger brand identity?
Your company brand is everything from your logo to your print material. It tells your target customers who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Hence, it is crucial to get it just right. We will create branding with a strong look and feel to give your company the edge it needs to get noticed.

With Ikon Digital Company Branding:

  • Your brand will stand out from the crowd
  • Your brand will reflect your company image
  • Your brand can evolve as your company grows

Our Company Branding Services

  • Logo Design
  • Advertising
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Any other marketing material design

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Advertising is a growing area on the Internet. As Internet adverts become more interactive, this can help the advertiser gain some insight into the needs of the users by fielding questions that have clickable answers or even featuring those questions as part of a bigger Flash or jQuery animation. Here at Ikon Digital we like our clients to get the very best from their adverts whether they are website based or via more traditional media.

We like our advertising skills to be challenged and we aim to provide the very best in service. Our team is dedicated to making the most memorable advert for your target audience.

How advertising can benefit your company brand

If your business is advertising continuously no matter what the state of the economy your company has a real competitive advantage over companies that reduce their advertising budget or a company that is not advertising. Continuous advertising helps to keep you at the forefront of the buyers mind when a purchasing decision is being made.

By advertising you can get to your intended audience in different ways. One of the best ways to reach your target audience is a cross media approach in where you are advertising in different areas such as the Internet, papers/magazines or on the television.

Your advertising budget

Your advertising budget is a crucial part of advertising, as it will need to clearly mark out what you want to spend for your coming year of advertising for your company. Your budget can be set into the different area of advertising explaining how much you are willing to spend in each of the areas. The areas are:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Mail Order
  • Banners
  • Internet Advertising
  • Promotions

Ikon Digital can help guide you where your budget would be best spent for the forecast year in addition to where and when each advert should be taking place.


If you are looking for a brochure to promote your products and services, advertise events or provide information the same ingredients need to be applied so that it is appealing to your intended market. It should also intrigue a person enough to want to pick up your brochure and have a look at the main information that you are trying to get across. This means that your brochure will have to be visually appealing to that intended audience, easy to understand so that they can tell what is supposed to be happening and contain the relevant information that you want to get accross to your audience so that they will get in touch.

At Ikon Digital we take all this into consideration and come up with the best designed brochure for your purposes. We will make sure that your brochure will make the right first impression to your target audience with the right colour scheme, content, images and the best physical size and design to match.

Graphic Design

Whether you are looking for print or web graphics, whether you are looking for graphics that will amaze your audience or graphics that are low-key, we can help you. We have a fantastic team that will guide you on the best road to take so that you have the biggest amount of feedback possible and drive people where you need them, like onto your website or onto the phone.

Our experience in producing images and design for marketing, advertising, brochures, logo and website purposes means we can provide the visuals your company needs to give it an consistent look throughout. For more information about what we can provide Talk to us.

Logo Design

We also offer a logo design service where our design team is tasked with the creation of a logo to suit and fit in with the needs of your company. A well thought out and professionally designed logo marks your company brand and helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd whilst providing that instant recognition and identification with your company.

A good logo design is a key part of company branding and for your company image. People should be able to catch just a glimpse of your logo and know what company they just saw. The design of your logo should hold the main colours of your company and help give a representation of what type of company you are. A logo does not have to be completely fixed in its colours however and a good logo should be allow for small alterations. This ensure that it is simple to incorporate into any new styles whilst retaining the same look of the main logo.

Brand Communication

Brand communication is very important for any company as it is about how your brand is perceived by a client. The better and easier you make your brand to understand, the more chance you have of taking a larger slice of your target market place.

Brand communication emanates through everything that your company does and has produced, from the copy that you use for the internet and print work, to the design and styling of your print and logo, to how your website works and how you market the company wither it is over the internet or print marketing.

Branding your copy

The copy for your company is what a client will be reading about you, so you need to have a consistent writing style throughout. Not a lot of companies think about there copy as being part of the brand, but it is a vital part that communicates your company to your clients and tells them about yourself, what you do and how your service can help. Your copy helps to reinforce your brand.

Branding your design and print

This is part of your visual message to the clients and is also a very important area of brand communication. This is usually the first thing that a client sees and helps them recognise your company and brand. A good example of this is you can walk down any high street and see a big yellow M on a red background and instantly know that it is McDonalds.

Branding your website

A good website can help reinforce the company brand and build confidence in your clients and users that your brand is here to stay and is moving forwards in the right sort of way. On the other hand a website that drifts ways from your brand will leave customers confused and less likely to use your services.

Our web design

Branding your marketing

Marketing your brand is very important, this about how you get more clients interested in your brand, company and services. The main areas of marketing is print based and internet/digital marketing. In the past few years more companies have been using internet marketing than print based marketing, showing that internet marketing is a fast growing industry.

Our Digital marketing


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