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Successful online selling requires a fine mix of design, development, security and also meeting customer expectations. Our design concepts pull the customers into your ecommerce website, while our development process make shopping easy and secure. We build online stores that keep customers coming back for more.

With Ikon Digital Ecommerce Web Design:

  • Your online store will be safe and secure
  • Customers will find your online store easy to use
  • Your store will be easy to manage and update

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Why Sell Online?

Why does electronic shopping exist? For customers it is not only because of the high level of convenience, but also because of the broader selection; competitive pricing and greater access to information. For organizations it increases their customer value and the building of sustainable capabilities, next to the increased profits.

Once a payment has been accepted, how do you deliver the goods or services?

  • Download: This is the method often used for digital media products such as software, music, movies, or images.
  • Shipping: The product is shipped to the customer's address.
  • Drop shipping: The order is passed to the manufacturer or third-party distributor, who ships the item directly to the consumer, bypassing the retailer's physical location to save time, money, and space.
  • In-store pickup: The customer orders online, finds a local store using locator software and picks the product up at the closest store. This is the method often used in the bricks and clicks business model.

Searching or browsing an online catalog can be faster than browsing the aisles of a physical store. Consumers with dial-up Internet connections rather than broadband have much longer load times for content-rich web sites and have a considerably slower online shopping experience. At Ikon Digital, we take steps to ensure that your web shop is optimised correctly to be available to all.

Benefits of Ecommerce Web Design

Some of the main benefits of having ecommerce web design are:

24/7 On-line Shopping

Your shop is always open 24/7 come rain or shine and means you don't have to site at your computer watching your ecommerce website 24/7 as you will be automatically updated of any new sales (most commonly sent to your email), so your ecommerce website will let you know when there has been any activity.

Sell to a Global Market

An ecommerce web design gives you access to a Global market place which a high street store can't. This means that you could have anyone buying from your ecommerce website from anywhere in the world. Whether they are in Australia, America, France or in our local city of Glasgow in Scotland, customers that want your product can make their purchases easily.

Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart will be search engine friendly so that your products can be found through Google and its online shopping search, amongst other search engines like Yahoo and Live Search. Having all of the information about your products displayed in a SEO friendly method means that it is easier for people to find your ecommerce web design, especially if they are looking for an exact type of product.

Quick and Easy Sales Analysis

Your shopping cart will also be able to provide you with a sales analysis. A sales analysis will give you an idea of what products are being sold and how many sales are being made each month. This can aid you in finding out your stronger and weaker sales months so that you know when to work on improving your sales figures for those months.

Low Running Costs

There is also a much lower running cost to having an online shop compared to having a store on the local high street. You don’t have to pay high rent charges, staff salaries or any constantly growing energy bills.

These are just some of the main benifits of having an ecommerce web design for more information about how to make your website ecommerce please get in touch. Email us:

Ecommerce Payment Gateways

An ecommerce payment gateway is a separate service from the ecommerce web design itself as the payment gateway acts as an intermediary between your shopping cart and the various financial networks involved with the transaction, including your customers account and your merchant account.

The actual process is seamless and the customer does not directly interact with the payment gateway since all necessary data is forwarded to the gateway via the shopping cart. Depending on the integration method used to link the gateway with your ecommerce web design, this information is normally passed via a secure connection (SSL). The shopping cart is able to send all necessary information to the payment gateway so that the customer’s details can be processed correctly.

There are many different Payment Gateways available, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Popular Payment Gateways

The most popular payment gateways for small to medium businesses are payment gateways such as RBS WorldPay or PayPal. Each of the payment gateways offers a different kind of service that will benefit different companies.

PayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal is a payment gateway that allows the user to use the payment gateway on the PayPal website or on your own ecommerce web design. However, having the payment gateway on your own ecommerce website will cost more in the long run due to the SSL certificate requirements but gives a more professional service to your own ecommerce web design.

The advantages of PayPal include the use of a merchant account to process credit card transactions. However, the rates charged by PayPal are sometimes higher than various competitors. Additionally, PayPal is a perhaps the most widely known and trusted name in on-line shopping and secure transactions which ensures you visitors can shop on your site with confidence.

Learn more about PayPal

WorldPay Payment Gateway

WorldPay offers two different payment services:

  • Internet Merchant Account and Payment Services
  • Payment Services Only

The WorldPay Internet Merchant Account offers an easy way to start up your own merchant account with a bank since WorldPay is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

This confers an advantage to RBS WorldPay since it is another service offered by the Royal Bank of Scotland and many retailers will already have a merchant account that is used in conjunction with their Streamline POS machine. Due to this, the per-transaction charges are normally lower.

Learn more about WorldPay

Still Not Convinced About Ecommerce Web Design?

With the Ikon Digital shopping cart system you can be assured that the customers visiting your shopping cart will have a secure and safe area on your ecommerce web design to make their purchases. Whether it is linked to a PayPal system or using a SSL area on your ecommerce website, personal details are encrypted to high levels of security before being transmitted and as a result will be nigh impossible to get at.

Generic Styling Throughout

The look and feel of your ecommerce web design will be customised to suit the style of your ecommerce web design since it is simple to change the style of shopping cart system. This will make people feel more at home on your ecommerce website while they are browsing through due to the fact the design is consistent across the entire ecommerce site.

Keep Track of Your Customers Spending

Your ecommerce web design visitors will have to register an account with the ecommerce website if they wish to buy items from you. This helps to ensure that all sales are actual orders and also helps you build up a customer database and find out what kind of things that your general customers like. This information can help you to supply more of or a better type of specific product to them (for example: personal media players with better storage) or even a supporting product (headphones, car conversion kits, etc).

Having information such as this can be very helpful when deciding on changes geared towards providing a better service to your customers. In turn, this should give you a more loyal client base to your ecommerce web design and also bring in a new client base through the positive experiences of your existing customers.

Different Payment Options

Your shopping cart will be able to offer your customers payment options so that they have a wider variety of ways to make a purchase from you. Secure Payments use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) on your own ecommerce web design or you can use the SSL from other ecommerce website such as PayPal or WorldPay. Using the PayPal system is a much cheaper way of stating off with your ecommerce web design but the site progresses and your customer base grows, you might not want people to leave your ecommerce website and go to a third party website to make their purchases from you. Using the PayPal system can also mean that your site visitors have to move away from your ecommerce web design and sometimes also the styling of your ecommerce website.

Finally, third party sites such as PayPal and WorldPay will usually take a percentage of each sale processed on their system, so in order to maximise your revenue stream is can often be better to set up your own bespoke system.

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